Many times you find a site online in other language that yours and want to translate. Several sites have an installed script that detects your language and displays the content according to the country where it is accessed.

But many of the sites do not have this option and you need to use other translation methods. The most popular and useful way is the Google Chrome translation option.

How to use Google Chrome website Translator?

To use this tool must have Google Chrome installed. When you access a website with a language other than yours, you will see an icon as in the image below.

When you click this icon, the entire content will instantly translate into your language. This is the easiest and most useful way to translate a site,

Website translator without Google Chrome?

If you do not use Google Chrome and do not want to use it, there are other ways to translate a website. For example you can use a online tool named Free Website Translation Widget/Tool. You can access here: Translation Widget/Tool

You must enter website link, select original language and your language. This tool use Google Translate and work like Google Chrome website translator.