Top 5 Reasons Why No One Is Visiting Your Website

  • June 17, 2016
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A site covers the bridge gap between you and your client. Maybe your website design is attractive and informative adequate to attract a consumer according to you. However when you see your Google analytic then you will recognize no one is really visiting your site, and there might be many reasons behind this. You need to comprehend that there are a lot of similar websites much like yours, and for that reason, you require more than just luck to capture the interest of prospective consumers to it. Do you know why clients are not visiting your site, what are the typical errors you are really making? If not, so, take a look at the following indicate understand them all. This will help you to avoid those errors in future.

Your site is tough to navigate: No doubt, your site has so many links that help you to go to different pages. And if you have a bad navigation system, then people will not come and visit your site once again because they may get disappointed or confuse when they attempted to check out any page of your site.

You enjoy keywords: Yes, a keyword is paramount for your site, this is the word or expression by which your consumer can find you over the World Wide Web. However the issue is that you like them too much, which just means your website material has plenty of a keyword. This may sidetrack your client from the real goal.

Your design is obsoleted: Another significant reason why no one is visiting your site is that maybe your design is dated or not trustworthy, so, that it might dissatisfy your customer. You should constantly bear in mind that it is an unfortunate truth that individuals even after complete understanding still judge a book by its cover.

Your website is not mobile-friendly: Nowadays, if you really wish to keep the interest of your valued customers to your site then a mobile-friendly design is a must. And if your site does not open on various responsive gizmos then perhaps this is the reason your clients do not come to visit it.

It takes a lot time to load: Last however not the least possibilities your website takes so long to load that’s why your consumers are not visiting it. Individuals will wait just 5 seconds for its loading and after that, they might get frustrated and instantly leave it.

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