Push Notications what is. How to use it.

  • June 20, 2019
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If you have a blog, website it is very important to use push notifications. Until now many webmasters use email marketing programs to collect emails from visitors. It’s a very common method of collecting emails and sending newsletters. Now push notifications option is here.

Push notifications what is ?

Like email marketing, push notifications is a tool to collect subscribers and send them notifications. But using push notifications is more simple to use and more visitors will subscribe than using email marketing.

To start using push notifications must find a best platform specialized in this service. A good platform for push notifications is OneSignal. Have FREE plan and you can send notifications for up to 30,000 subscribers with no cost.

How to use push notifications ?

To enable push notifications must install a script on your site based on your website platform.

push notifications integration

It is very important to know that you must have a SSL certificate for your website. Without a SSL certificate push notifications will not work. If you not have money for a paid SSL certificate you can get here a FREE SSL certificate: SSL for FREE.

After setup push notifications on your site, you can see a notification like this:

Every time when a user click ‘Allow’ will subscribe on your notifications. When you send a notification from push notification platform, visitors will receive instant a notification on their devices(desktop,mobile).

This method is more efficient than email marketing because visitor will see notifications without take any action. Using email marketing visitor must open his e-mail and after that read the message.

Normally with a good message push notifications have a CTR around 30%.


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