Make money with Facebook and your website

  • February 26, 2019
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Many of us use Facebook every day to read news, to see the status of our friends and communicate using Messenger app. But also Facebook is a good platform to use and make money online.

Here you can see the steps to start earning money with Facebook:

Create a Facebook page

Find a good niche and choose a good name for your Facebook page. After create your page it’s important to complete all details on profile section. Also you must create a good cover image, here you can create free cover images: FREE Cover image

Create a website

To generate money from Facebook you must create a blog where to post original content. You can use Blogger platform to create a FREE blog. If you want to add a premium domain you can buy a cheap one from Namecheap.

Get fans for your Facebook page

The most important thing is to get likes for your Facebook page. The first step is to invite your friends to like and share your page. With a $100 budget you can start advertise on Facebook to get more likes. Creating a worldwide campaign you can get a cost under $0,01/like. You will get around 10k real likes for your page.

Start to create content on your blog

To get more visits to your blog must create quality content. You can search online for some topics and try to create a original post.

Place ads on your blog

Using ads on your content you will start to generate revenue. Create a account here: Tribaladnetwork and place ads to your website. To get more exposure is good to place ads in content( no more than 3 ads).

Share articles on your Facebook page

After you create a article must share it on Facebook page. In this way your Facebook fans will visit your blog and generate revenue. It’s important to know when your fans are online. Go to ‘Statistics’ section from your page and after that to ‘Posts’ section and you will see when your fans are online.


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