How To Use Adblock For Google Chrome

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Not many times you visit a website and many pop-ups/pop-under ads open.
Often, these ads are dangerous because they can block your computer.

To avoid these problems, adblock plugins are used with your Chrome browser. This plugin block all ads from a website and you will see only content without ads( display, pop-ups, pop-under).

To install adblock plugin access from your browser and after that click ‘Get adblock now’ button.

AdBlock Google Chrome

When it’s good to use adblock plugin?

There are many quality blogs with content that help us to solve some problems, learn useful things. Usually this websites use only display banners which does not affect visitor experience. If you like their content is good to not use a adblock. Also on Youtube videos if you like a content creator don’t use adblock plugin. In this way you will help him to create more quality videos.

But also are websites that have pop-up and pop-under ads. This websites have low quality content and also misleading titles. For this websites is good to use adblock plugin.

Here on Tribaladnetwork we have only quality display ads that not affect visitor experience.


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