If you want to make money from mobile traffic, you must find the best source to monetize it. People are  spending more time on mobile devices than desktop devices and stay online more than 2 hours per day. Mobile traffic is very important and there are many methods to earn money from it.

Affilate Links – There are many mobile CPA ad networks that have a lot of mobile offers and with quality mobile traffic you can earn up to $50 per conversion.

CPM Ad Networks –  You can monetize mobile visitors using CPM ads. You can earn up to $10 per 1000 views based on your traffic quality. If your site receive more traffic from USA/Canada your CPM can be more than $10.

Redirect Links – Every time when a visitor enter on your site after some time will be redirect to advertiser page. You will earn better than affiliate links and CPM ads but will influence the visitor experience.

CPC + CPA ad networks –  Using CPC ads you will receive earnings every time a visitor click on advertiser banner. The best size that you can use on mobile content is 300×50 and 300×250. If that a CPC ad network have also CPA ads is better. You will earn from clicks and conversions also . You can earn up to $10 per click and also you offer a good experience to your visitors.

Using Tribladnetwork you can monetize mobile traffic using CPC+CPA system and offer a good experience to you visitors.

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