How To Effecively Monetize Canada Traffic

  • November 15, 2018
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If you have a blog or website that generate Canada traffic you must use different methods to monetize traffic. Are many options to earn money from your online visitors: Affiliate links and banners,sponsored posts, selling space on websites,using ad networks ads.

Using a ad network you can place text and banner ads on your site and earn revenue.You can use a CPC,CPM or CPA ad platform. Many webmasters use CPM because pay for every view.Also CPC and CPA is a good option,but also on CPM or CPC/CPA if you don’t have quality traffic you will earn less money.

If you have qualityCanada traffic you can use a CPC+CPA platform. You will earn for every click you receive and also for every conversion from your traffic.Tribaladnetwork is a CPC+CPA platform that pay high rate for Canada traffic. You can earn up to $5/click that is a good cpc rate. If you have 100 quality clicks you will earn $500. Registration process to Tribaladnetwork is very easy and your account is instantly activated. Minimum withdrawal is $50 and you can receive money via Paypal or Direct Transfer.For more informations visit :


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