How to earn from conversions?

  • January 22, 2016
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Tribaladnetwork pay for clicks and also for conversions.I want to explain our publishers how conversions work.

If you look on the advertising campaign setup, there are 2 bid prices … one for clicks (PPC) and one for actions (CPA). Basically, the advertiser is providing a bonus if he gets enough conversions to pay for his PPC costs from any given publisher. So lets say in any given period, Adam Advertiser spends $8.00 in clicks with Paul Publisher, and then gets an action .. the first action will pay $10 LESS the $8 already spent in clicks, so a bonus of $2.00 … That way the advertiser is NOT getting double billed for the same traffic but rewarding the publisher for results. On the second Action between the parties, the bonus should be closer to $10. It is that difference (bonus) that the publishers are paid .



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