How to convert Youtube video to MP3 for FREE

  • July 15, 2019
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On this days Youtube is a very popular platform where you can listen music or watch videos. Now it’s very simple to look for different information on this platform (reviews, documentaries, movies and more).

Not often when we work we feel the need to listen some documentaries or podcasts. Through Youtube we can do this for free. Thirty years ago it was quite difficult to do this, a lot of information you could just find out by reading.

But how can you listen offline without using Youtube?

You may want to listen songs or podcasts without using Youtube, listen in the car or when you run in the morning. The most common method is to convert Youtube video to MP3. After that you can transfer mp3 files to Usb or mp3 player.

If you search on Google ‘Youtube video to MP3‘ there are many platforms to convert to MP3 for FREE.

To convert a Youtube video to MP3 is very simple. For example if you use, must past video link and click start. After some seconds your MP3 file will automatically download.


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