How Monetize Youtube in 2019

  • March 26, 2019
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In these days Youtube is a good source to generate revenue online. There are many content creators that Youtube became a full job and earn thousands of dollars per month.

The most important thing to start earning from your content is to find best solution to monetize Youtube channel.

The most common monetization method for Youtube is Adsense. With this monetization method you can earn up to $3/1000 views especially if you live in the USA. For many countries earnings is under $1/1000 views.

If you have many subscribers and many views for your videos you can talk with companies to promote their services or products on your channel.
I’ve seen many big companies collaborating with content creators on Youtube, paying thousands of dollars for a sponsored video.
There are specialized agencies that can help you get in touch with these companies, but only if you have quality content that generates views.

Another good method to monetize Youtube videos is to review products and place your affiliate link in description. Many platforms pay up to 10% commission. For example is you create a video about a product that cost $1000 you will get $100 for every sale.

Also you can generate revenue from your subscribers with donations. If you create good content that help your subscribers you can place your Paypal adress in description for donations.


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