Every time when you visit websites with ads, blogs or your social page there are many types of ads. Without ads webmasters and content creators will not earn so much money. The are many platforms that offer CPM(pop under, pop ups, interstitials), CPC and CPA ads.

How good are CPC and CPA Ads

Every day most people search online for different information and every time they will see ads. Websites with CPC and CPA ads are the best option for visitors. This type of ads not disturb visitors experience and many times can suggest a good offer for a product or service. On Facebook you can find many ads with best deals and can save your time.

Webmasters that use CPC and CPA ads will keep visitors safe and in long term their earning will grow very much.

CPM ads: Pop under , Pop Up, Interstitials

Many new websites, watch movies websites, download music websites use CPM to generate revenue. Many of them use pop under and pop ads. These type of ads disturb very much visitors becasue when you click on that website will open many windows and sometimes that ads cam block your PC. These webmasters want to make money and not think that visitors have a bad experience.

Many visitors will not return to these websites and visitors number will decrease. Also we can see many new websites that have only 1- 2 posts but many CPM ads. It is a bad decision to place ads when you not have any visitor. You must build your audience first and after that to think how generate revenue.

Websites With Ads
How good are websites with ads for visitors.