Clickbank is the largest affiliate platform and is 21 years old. This platform help vendors to sell their products and affiliates to generate revenue.


If you have a god product and want to generate sales Clickbank is the best option. You will add your product on platform and offer a commission for every successful sale. From our perspective is the best method to generate sales and promote your product.

Here you can see a video that show how you can add a product to Clickbank platform:


Maybe you see on Google many post about how you can earn money with Clickbank and you may ask yourself if you really can make money with Clickbank. The answer is YES, but requires a lot of work.

You have to do a lot of search work, create a unique landing page for your promoted offer( is not good to use landing page from vendors because many affiliates may use it). Also you must find best Clickbank offer which can convert well.

Here you can see a video that help you to choose best offer:

Using a good offer and a good landing page can give you huge earnings every month. Promoting your unique landing page on forums, Q&A sites, blog comments..etc every day is also work that must to do every day. Also here on Tribaladnetwork you can promote your Clickbank offer start from $30.