Blockchain technology has become more and more popular and more and more people are starting to invest in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurency and at this moment his price is $7900. It started at a price of a few cents and many people bought BTC from curiosity. When BTC appeared, you could buy 1000 BTC with $ 100. Now 1000 BTC is almost worth it $8 million.

BTC’s highest price was around $ 20k and up to 1 month ago it was around $4,000. Some very wealthy people have predicted the BTC price.
One of them is John McAfee who said that by 2020 a BTC will be $1 million.

The truth is that no one can know exactly what the price will be for a BTC. It can reach $ 1 million by 2020 but can also drop to $ 2000. It is true that the chances to grow are much higher than to fall.

What is certain is that BTC and other currencies are the future. Now, not many people can afford to buy BTC but there are other cheaper coins.

For example Electroneum is a very cheap currency ($ 0.005) but promises a lot. There are also predictions for this currency and the price can reach up to $10 by 2020.

If you have $ 100 that you can forget about them, it’s good to invest in cryptocurrency.