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  • November 30, 2018
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Website Traffic Generator for new and old websites

Starting a blog or a online business is very popular in these days. After website is online and have some content you need to get more visitors. A quality content can help you very much to increase online visibility, but there are some methods to generate traffic to your website.

There are many platforms that can send free visitors to your site but not all have good traffic and can be bad for your website.


Is the most popular FREE Website Traffic Generator since 2003. Have 19,000 Alexa Rank and get 400k visitors every day.  To advertise here you must visit other websites to earn credits. The best part here is that every visitor will see your website and if they like it will spend more time. Also using credits can add text and banner ads.  You will get around 30k impressions for every banner every day.

Traffic Spirit

Traffic Spirit is a platform that generate website traffic using their software. It is also a well-known platform used by many users every  day. You must download a software and run it on your PC or VPS. It is auto traffic source but the best thing is that this traffic is low bounce rate and long visit duration. Also you can set referrer sites, keywords and many features.


RankBoostup is a website traffic generator platform that help you to receive visitors and also increase Alexa Rank. If want to generate visitors to your website must run traffic exchange program to earn minutes. This traffic source is very good because have low bounce rate, long visit duration and Alexa Rank feature. All people that surf have installed Alexa Toolbar and with this feature your Alexa Rank will be improved.


Webstraffic is a traffic platform that generate native and pop under traffic from more than 11k websites, 300 categories and 100 countries. It is not a free traffic platform but have quality real traffic at a good price. Using native traffic you can drive visitors with low bounce rate and long visit duraton interested in your content. Start with only $25 you can make your business more visible.

Website Traffic Generator

Use free traffic generator to drive traffic to your website.


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