Best method to make money while you sleep

  • August 2, 2019
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If you have a job or you are a student, maybe want to earn more money. With a simple search on Google you can find many methods to generate money online or offline.

If you like to spend time online there are 2 good methods to make money while you sleep: affiliate marketing and blogging.

Affiliate marketing as a method to make money while you sleep

Using affiliate marketing platform you can promote different products/services and earn commisions. Clickbank is a affiliate platform that have many products and services to promote. Also you can use affiliate program from hosting or SEO companies.

How to promote this products and services to generate revenue?

There are many methods to use to promote affiliate links to make money while you sleep. The best methods are to post on forums, questions platforms, blog comments.

For example if you use Quora(Q&A platform) and promote a weight loss product must find topict from that niche. But when you write a answer not must past your link and leave.

Example: ” I find your question and I want to share my experience. I tried many products to lose weight but no results. A friend told me about a great method to use and after 2 weeks I start to lose weight. To find more informations visit – your affliate link

Start blogging to make money while you sleep

Each one of us has a passion and want to share more about that. Why not share this information in a blog? There are many blogs from different niches that generate huge revenue from their content.

How generate revenue from your content?

If you have quality visitors that spend more time on your content you can use a ad network to place ads on your blog. To not affect visitors experience must find only clear ads without pop ups, pop under ads. Tribalad Network is a platform that can help you to generate revenue. We have only clear CPC ads from direct advertiser and for long time we can provide premium ads for your content.

If you want to know more and register click here: Publishers


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