Best Marketing Mix For Your Business

  • April 2, 2019
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If you have a online business or you want to start one, is very important to find best marketing mix plan to have more visibility and start generate revenue. Maybe you have a good product or a service, but you generate low revenue. Not many times you can see services/products with low quality but generate high revenue. THE REASON: They have a good Marketing Mix Plan.

What Marketing Mix plan can use if you have low budget?

When you are at the beginning maybe you not have much money to pay for a marketing agency. But you can start your marketing mix plan FREE or with low budget.

Find forums from your niche – You can start forums from same niche with your business and create accounts. First you must complete your profile with all details. Almost all forums have a section where you can place your business url and your signature. Using signature section you can place a text and your business url. Be active and give quality answers and you will see that more people will visit your website.

Guest posts – Search for blogs that can let you make a post about your business. You can see bellow a list with guest post blogs.

  1. Mashable | DA 92 | Topics: Social media, technology, business, entertainment
  2. Hubspot | DA 91 | Topics: Marketing
  3. GetResponse | DA 81 | Topics: Marketing, productivity, platform, automation
  4. Social Media Today | DA  80 | Topics: Business, social media, marketing
  5. Social Media Examiner | DA 80 | Topics: Social media
  6. Content Marketing Institute | DA 76 | Topics: Content marketing
  7. Creative Bloq | DA 74 | Topics: Blogging, web design
  8. MarketingProfs | DA 74 | Topics: Marketing
  9. Benchmark | DA 72 | Topics: Marketing, social media, SEO
  10. OutBrain | DA 71 | Topics: Blogging, marketing
  11. B2Bmarketing | DA 70 | Topics: Blogging, marketing
  12. Daily Blog Tips | DA 69 | Topics: Blogging, marketing
  13. Thesitegirls | DA 69 |Topics: Blogging, social media
  14. CoSchedule | DA 69 | Topics: Content marketing, blogging, social media
  15. Shout Me Loud | DA 68 | Topics: SEO, marketing
  16. Pole Position Marketing | DA 66 | Topics: Digital marketing, marketing, analytics, SEO, social media, web design
  17. Inc 42 | DA 63 | Topics: Blogging, marketing
  18. Mailjet | DA 63 | Topics: Email marketing
  19. The Blog Herald | DA 62 | Topics: Marketing, blogging
  20. Search Engine People | DA 61 | Topics: SEO, social media
  21. Making Different | DA 60 | Topics: Blogging, technology
  22. Post planner | DA 58 | Topics: Social media
  23. SEO Hacker | DA 57 | Topics: Marketing, SEO
  24. The Work at Home Woman | DA 55 | Topics: Social media, blogging, business

Quality FREE and cheap SEO backlinks – Backlinks are very important to grow your search engine position. There are some FREE platforms that you can use to generate quality backlinks.

Leadsleap – Create account and after that go to blog section and comment to a post.

Quora – Find questions from your niche and give quality answers with your link.

Facebook – If you create a page for your business don’t forget to add your url.

Cheap SEO agency – There are many SEO agencies that can help you to grow your business but many of them are very expensive ( from $500/month).

A good SEO agency that can help you with a low budget is CrorkService. They have good services with more than 10 years of experience and also offer FREE trial.


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